How it works The Genius Hub might be cutting edge, but it's brilliantly simple.
Intelligent Zoned Heating
Genius Valve
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Room Thermostat
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Room Sensor
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Genius App
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Genius Hub automatically turns off the rooms that aren't in use
Professional installation with zero disruption
  • Wireless technology means no cables, no holes in walls, and no mess.
  • Rock solid reliability thanks to hardwired (tamper proof) signal repeaters in every room, ensuring a strong Genius network throughout your property.
  • Installation takes 30 minutes per room and will be done during the day, while guests are out of their rooms; meaning no need for any downtime or disruption to guests.
  • Our professional installers will fit the equipment neatly and with no mess.
  • The Genius Hub works with your hotel’s existing heating system, whether it’s Gas, Oil, Biomass or a heat pump; no need for expensive boiler upgrades.
  • It takes minutes to set up for the first time and only seconds to adjust the schedule or the temperature. To make it even easier, you can copy your settings between days and rooms.
Advanced heating control, without the complexity
Weather Compensation The Genius Hub takes into account the weather outside, warming your rooms up earlier when it’s really cold, to make sure the room is comfortable for when your guest wants to use it.
Heating History The Genius Hub records your heating history, allowing you to see all the changes in the heating usage and potential energy savings.
Remote Control Wherever you have internet access you can check your heating as the Genius Hub can be controlled from a computer, tablet or smartphone using our free app.
Override Staff can easily adjust temperatures to keep customers comfortable, or turn off rooms that are unlikely to be used.
Two-way Control Customers can easily adjust the temperatures from the valve or wall thermostat, but it will reset after a period.
Window Open Detection The Genius Radiator Valve detects when a guest has opened a window and turns off the radiator automatically.